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We strive to give you the highest standards of products and services. We understand that things don’t always go to plan, and there may be times when we don’t live up to your expectations. If this happens, we want you to tell us. We’ll do our very best to put things right, as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.
We hope to resolve issues as soon as we know about them. However, if you feel we haven’t achieved this, we have clear and simple procedures in place to make sure we handle your case fairly, sensitively and in line with requirements set by the Financial Conduct Authority. We will also try to make sure that we fix the root cause of problems so that we don’t make similar mistakes again.

Our complaints procedure

We will fully investigate every complaint about our financial services. Even if your complaint relates to a particular policy decision and we are not necessarily able to change things, we will explain it to you.

We want to resolve your complaint straightaway and, in the majority of cases, the first person you speak to will usually be able to resolve things for you.  If we've not been able to do that by the end of the following business day after we've received your complaint, we'll write to you. We'll do this within five business days to acknowledge your complaint and tell you who is dealing with it.

We will then keep you up to date while we are investigating your complaint, until we provide you with a formal resolution letter, as part of our procedure. In most cases reaching this stage, we will be able to resolve your complaint within two weeks of receiving it.

If you wish to complain, complete our online form and we'll progress your complaint in line with our formal complaints procedure.

Complaint volumes

CAPSavings aims to provide the best possible service to our customers. We recognise, however, that things can go wrong and when this happens we are committed to putting things right as quickly as possible.  We encourage our customers to tell us if they are unhappy and we view complaints as a valuable source of feedback and as a learning opportunity.

As part of our commitment to getting things right we are pleased to be able to provide details below of the volume of complaints we report to the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA).

Complaints publication report

Firm name:  CAPSavings plc
Group:  Not applicable
Other firms included in this report:  None
Period covered in this report:  1 January - 30 June 2016
Brands/trading names covered:  CAPSavings plc/CAPSavings

Number of complaints openedNumber of complaints closedComplaints closed within 8 weeks (%)Closed complaints upheld by firm (%)
Home finance 9771%100%
Decumulation, life and

To help you put the above figures into context:

  • Our customers hold over 1.34 million banking products, combining credit cards, personal loans and savings accounts.
  • We received 0.66 complaints for every 1,000 of these accounts held.
  • We resolved 81% of Banking complaints within 4 weeks.
  • We no longer offer Home Finance products (i.e mortgages) and reported less than 8 complaints for every 1000 historic accounts held.
  • We act as an introducer for general insurance products. Our insurance partners will report complaints received regarding these products to the FCA as part of their own complaints returns.
  • We do not offer products under the 'Decumulation, life and pensions' and 'Investments' categories above.  

Please also see our full glossary of terms regarding our complaints data.

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