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Using your credit card abroad

Going somewhere nice? Your CAPSavings Credit Card is accepted around the world at retail outlets and cash machines, wherever you see the MasterCard, Visa or Maestro/Cirrus sign (depending which card type you have). You can use your card at more that 24.6 million locations worldwide.

Let us know you're going away

If you do plan on using your card whilst you're away, please call and let us know. This will allow us to support the use of your card whilst overseas. We can also help make sure you get the most from your card when travelling.

* Telephone calls may be recorded for security purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures.

Tips for using your card safely

Tips for using your card safelyAs well as letting your card provider know before you leave, follow these important steps for safe credit card use abroad:

  • Firstly, if you have any issues using your card abroad there is usually a specific overseas telephone number for your card issuer on the back of the card.
  • Only take cards with you that you intend to use; leave others at home in a secure place.
  • Make sure you have details of your card number and your card company's 24-hour contact number and report any lost or stolen cards as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your card company has up-to-date contact details for you, including your mobile number.
  • When overseas, don't let your card out of your sight - especially when making purchases in bars or restaurants.
  • Never hand your PIN to anyone, even if they claim to be from the police or your card company.
  • Shield your PIN when typing into a keypad either in a shop or cash machine.
  • When you return home, check your card statement for any unfamiliar transactions, and report them as soon as possible.

Please remember...

You cannot unlock or change your PIN using a cash machine abroad. You will be charged a fee of 2.75% for using your credit card abroad.

Any payment you make abroad will be converted into Sterling at the exchange rate determined by Visa International or Mastercard International depending on which card you have.

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