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How can I check my statement or track my spend?

The easiest way to track how much you have spent is to register for our online servicing.

You can manage your CAPSavings Credit Card online, you'll have access to the full range of online card services.  

You'll be able to:

  • View your last statement and balance
  • View recent transactions, which you'll see on your next statement.
  • Pay your monthly card statement online
  • Request a new card limit (subject to status):
  • Transfer balances from other credit or store cards
  • Apply to set up additional cardholders. Note that additional card holders must be an immediate family member, over 18 and living at home with the main cardholder
  • Set up a direct debit payment to automatically pay the minimum or full amount each month
  • Request a PIN reminder online: we'll then send this to you by post

How will points/cash back be credited?

Nectar points
Points will be added to the Nectar card account which you provided us with when you applied for your credit card.  Nectar points may take up to six weeks to appear on your account.

Any amount earned with your cashback credit card will be credited monthly and will appear as a credit on your next monthly statement.  Cashback earned is credited to your credit card account and cannot be sent to your bank account.

What are Nectar points worth?

1,000 Nectar points are worth €5.

How long is the offer of double Nectar points in CAPSavings for?

You will continue to earn double Nectar points in your shopping as long as you continue to pay with your CAPSavings Nectar Credit Card. CAPSavings plc reserve the right to alter or terminate the Nectar point offer at any time but will give as much notice as is reasonably possible before doing so.

What happens if I don’t hit the spend targets (by a small amount) one month?

In the event that you don't hit the spend targets in one month, you will not earn the €5 cashback reward. However, you will still be able to earn this the following month.

Does the double points offer include CAPSavings's petrol?

CAPSavings awards 1 point per litre of fuel on the nectar loyalty card. If you pay for your fuel using your CAPSavings Nectar Credit Card, you will earn 2 points for every €1 spent (equivalent of 1% cashback). In addition, you will earn 6 points for every €1 spent in the first 3 months (equivalent of 3% cashback).

What is the minimum credit limit I would get?

  • CAPSavings Nectar Credit Card - €500
  • CAPSavings Cashback Credit Card - €1,000

As I am receiving a monthly cash back payment, can I deduct this from my full monthly payment?

No, you still need to meet your set monthly payment.

During introductory period you are offering 5% cash back - do I still get 1% cash back on out of store during this period?

During the introductory period, you are still able to earn the €5 monthly cashback reward by spending a minimum of €250.

How are 5x Nectar points calculated?

By swiping your CAPSavings Nectar card when you shop you will earn 2 Nectar points for every €1. During the first 3 months after you open your account,you will earn 10 Nectar points for every €1 spent. This includes the 2 points you earn by swiping your Nectar card and an additional 8 points by paying with your CAPSavings Nectar Credit Card.

Am I charged for using my CAPSavings Credit Card to buy foreign currency or traveller's cheques?

As of the 12th July 2016 foreign currency and/ or traveller's cheques purchased at any UK bureau de change are now treated by us as a standard purchase and we will no longer charge you a cash advance fee. There will also be no card handling fee if the purchase is through CAPSavings Travel Money, however another provider may charge this fee.

Please note that these purchases are not eligible for additional Nectar points or cashback.

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