By Money Matters Team

Getting your home ready for winter

With the nights drawing in and temperatures dipping, here are some tips on how to prepare your home for the winter months.

By Money Matters Team

4 tips to getting the best interest rate on your loan

What can you do to ensure you get the best rate?

By Money Matters Team

5 great ways to refresh your home on a budget

Sale prices on all sorts of desirable elements for your interiors can be found year-round if you hunt around in the right places.

By Money Matters Team

History of the Pound

The British Pound is the oldest currency in use today. Originally forged from pure silver, it has a fascinating history but is it still as valuable?

By Money Matters Team

Making your home environmentally friendly

Six practical tips to not only make your home kinder to the environment, but to also make it more energy efficient.

By Money Matters Team

Don't move, improve: a home renovations calculator

Select the wisest projects for your property with our home renovations calculator.

By Money Matters Team

Where are Brits headed on holiday?

Brits love to travel, from simple European camping trips to embarking on life-changing religious pilgrimages.

By Money Matters Team

Refreshing your finances for 2016

Make your money go further in 2016.

By Money Matters Team

Staying safe on bonfire night

Bonfire Night brings together millions of people across the UK in this time-honoured annual tradition, but make sure you remember it for the right reasons.

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