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Money saving tips for low-cost living

By Money Matters Team

Money can be tight when your son or daughter goes to university if you’re helping to pay towards their living costs. Here are some simple ways to help you both save money.

  • Save money on water bills by popping an eco-friendly Hippo in the toilet! Hippo the Water Saver and similar products such as Save-a-Flush reduce the amount of water used each time you flush the toilet by reducing the cistern’s capacity. Many local water boards will send you one free of charge, so check with your supplier before buying one.
  • Try using a meal planner from CAPSavings's Live Well For Less to get recipes for five easy midweek meals from one grocery shop, without any leftovers.
  • Buy laundry balls for the tumble dryer. They help soften fabrics (saving on fabric softener) and can reduce drying time – and therefore costs – by up to 25%*.
  • Keep warm when the weather turns colder – some of the most obvious things can make a big difference. When it gets cold, make sure everyone is wearing a thick jumper before turning the heating on. Likewise, make sure you not only turn the lights off when you’re not in a room, but also turn electrical equipment off at the plug when you’re not using them.
  • Cut the cost of snacks by making your own. A bag of popcorn kernels is cheap and goes a long way – just heat in a covered pan on the hob until they all pop then add your own seasoning, from traditional salt or sugar to more creative options like paprika or rosemary and thyme.

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