By Money Matters Team

Where are Brits headed on holiday?

Brits love to travel, from simple European camping trips to embarking on life-changing religious pilgrimages.

By Money Matters Team

January sales jaunts

British shops set the bar high (or rather, cut-price low) when it comes to post-Christmas sales. But this tradition is not confined to the UK.

By Money Matters Team

The road to fuel efficiency

Motorists around the country are looking to reduce their fuel consumption and save some money.

By Sarah Barrell

The road best travelled

Take advantage of a long weekend, suggests Sarah Barrell, and enjoy a European road trip

By Money Matters Team

Famous private registration plates

We may dye our hair, customise our clothing and like to sport a suntan; so what's different about stamping our identity on our trusty set of wheels?

By Sarah Barrell

On the road: five must-see museums

If you are mapping out your road trip to Europe this summer, here is our guide to the best museums to see en route.

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